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The Gateway Theatre is one of the most popular hotels in the state of Idaho and perhaps even across the country. It is the perfect destination for discerning travelers who long for a night on the town, with good food, great views and a comfortable bed and breakfast.

The southern area has 127 properties with 8,536 rooms, including Cascade, Payette and Ketchum, and the southwestern area is the largest area in the state of Idaho with 6,836 rooms. The northern Idaho area has 124 properties, 7,150 rooms and includes McCall, Weiser, Challis and points north. Ranch RV offers service parts and is proud to be one of the most popular RV rentals in Idaho and the United States.

Some are building a second hotel in existing hotels, like Smith in Twin Falls and several others in Idaho. Smiths Hotel is the 113-room 500 Capitol Hotel, which opened in January. The first hotel in the new Nampa area, the 1,000-room inn on the hill, opened last year after construction began in October 2015.

Western Hotels expanded in Hawaii after taking over the management of the Sir Francis Drake Hotel the day after the Pearl Harbor bombing. Western expanded to Hawaii and in 1958 acquired two other hotels in Honolulu, the Grand Hyatt Hotel and the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

Construction began in August 2015 and is scheduled to begin on 23 June 2016, with an opening on 1 July 2017. Construction on a $1.2 billion hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii, began in September 2015, and construction of the $2.5 billion Grand Hyatt Hotel in Hawaii City, which is expected to open on June 23, has begun.

The 124-room SpringHill Suites by Marriott began construction in March 2015, with the opening scheduled for mid to late summer. Smith's 10-story hotel was enough to deter Gardner from building two 300-room hotels in his Pioneer Crossing development, which is bordered by the Myrtle Front, 11th and 13th Streets. Place, began construction in May 2015 and the 124 rooms at Spring Hill Hotel, a $1.2 billion hotel, are expected to open in September and October.

Jared S. Smith, who is building the 185-room Residence Inn, doesn't think downtown Boise needs a 400-room hotel. Marcus Millichap reflected Smith's thoughts as Smith built his 10-story hotel on the corner of 11th and 13th Streets. The Res Residence Inn is nearing completion and is just blocks from the recently opened Hyatt Place, a $1.2 billion hotel on the same block. Even half of them come close to the 400 rooms a hotel wants, but not close enough for Smith.

One recently opened in Lewiston, one in March, Two are pending in Coeur d'Alene, construction has begun in Rexburg and one will open in March this year.

The new hotel group, which will add 2,800 rooms to Idaho, has a total capacity of 185 rooms, about 1,500 more than the seven existing hotels that have more rooms. On April 6, construction permits were granted for the expected completion of a new hotel on the site of the former US Post Office building in the city of Idaho. SRT counts hotels and motels that either have at least 10 rooms and generate nightly revenue or are open to the public, he said. The 185 rooms may be the most of these new hotels, but all are large and each is larger.

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Salt Lake has four hotels with more than 400 rooms, the most recent being the 775-room Grand America Hotel, which opened during the 2001 Winter Olympics. Comfort Inn & Suites has just begun construction on a 108-room hotel, and Holiday Inn Express added 104 rooms at Boise Airport in 2016.

The new hotel fleet is still relatively small in terms of rooms nationwide, but it will add nearly 3,000 rooms, about 1.5 percent of Idaho's existing hotel rooms.

Idaho has 328 hotels with 22,809 rooms and is projected to account for 1.5 percent of the country's total hotel room count by the end of 2016. Marcus Millichap has calculated that this is about 2,000 hotel rooms in the country, or about 1,500 rooms per year. According to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, hotel construction will be expanded by an additional 140,000 rooms by 2020.

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